Boey Wang is a Chinese comic artist and product designer studying at Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherland now. He works with narration both on comic and product design. For him, it is the same way of using heart but just different mediums. 

He is drawn to capture stories of mundane events of daily life that are easily overlooked but carry much more weight than they seem to. Things that seem insignificant and inconspicuous interest him, like tufts of grass growing through cracked pavements, overlooked people in China, and the most common object or behaviors in life. These observations become the subject of his stories and designs, through which he hope to have meaningful conversations that leave lasting impressions within people who experiencing it. 

Small things could bring miracle change. Although the individual’s affect is small, but when it gathering, the great power will born and change will happen. This is what he believes and how he wants to fight his life for.  


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